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Welcome to D5 Auto Accessories, the leading authority in high-performance car window tinting in Kedah. At the heart of our business is a passion for enhancing the driving experience through superior quality products and expert services. We specialize in the supply and installation of Renium Premium Tint Windows, a brand synonymous with excellence in UV and heat protection.

Our journey began with a commitment to bring the best in car care to the vibrant community of Kedah. Over the years, we have earned our reputation as the trusted authorized dealer for Renium, offering a diverse range of window films designed to meet the unique needs of every customer. Whether you seek enhanced privacy, improved comfort, or protection against the harsh Malaysian sun, our selection is crafted to exceed expectations.

Our suite of products spans six distinct series—Royal, Platinum, Gold, Bronze, Building, and Carbon—each with its own set of special features to reflect the varied requirements of our clientele. From the luxurious multilayered protection of the Royal Series to the cost-effective durability of the Carbon Series, our offerings encapsulate innovation and value.

But we don't just stop at quality products. D5 Auto Accessories prides itself on impeccable customer service and professional installation, ensuring that every interaction with us is as satisfying as the performance of our window tints. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing personalized advice and solutions, making us not just a provider but a partner in automotive care.


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